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The Connect: 08/23/09

Because it's new, not because it's good.
And because once
a repurposed "Ice Cream Paint Job" is repurposed
for the citrus industry, you'll be able to say you knew it when.

It was sort of a slow weekend, news-wise, considering there are just FOURTEEN DAYS TO GO. Here's a shitty compilation of old links and injury updates. WOOOOO!

Yes, son, add cheerleaders. "They have a fish fry on Friday nights and do a lot of things together. It was a huge offer for me. I asked myself, 'Will it get any better than this?'  Shane McDermott is reeled in by fried food.  Who wouldn't this work on?

Speaking of recruits, Darion Hall is ready to become his own Afro Butterfly.

In continuing horrible news, center AJ Trump was held out with his left knee in an Ace bandage on Friday and fullback Patrick Hill had a protective boot on his right foot/ankle and didn't practice. Why that's bad: Pat Hill is a BowlingBearTubMan and watching him run is awesome.


ETA: Half-Sad Update! From this morning: "Patrick Hill is out of his boot and is participating. Tyler Horn working as the first team center with AJ Trump still hobbled. Vaughn Telemaque is with the first team today. Eric Moncur isn't on the practice field."

Marquise Williams, a 2011 QB out of Charlotte, loves Miami "so much," travels around to away games, is "cool" with Randy.  This is our lottery plan, actually.

Words get in the way: