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go set your dvr

it is with great pleasure that we at TSF announce that our very own billy corben... alumnus of the U, fraternity gang rape documentarian and creator of the legendary dade county classic "cocaine cowboys" has (finally) completed his latest project, the highly anticipated espn films documentary titled "The U".

"The U" is scheduled to debut on espn, saturday december 12th at 9pm. go set your TiVo.




no i'm serious. go set your dvr right now. we'll wait for you after the jump. 

admittedly, the espn the press release smacks of espn's trademark brand of neutered, disney, pussification; but corben's "personal statement" is from the heart & does a decent job of capturing what it felt like to be a kid in south florida in the late 80's, and to want nothing more in life than to grow up to BE michael irvin. (ed. note: some of us are now 31, have a successful law practice, and still want nothing more in life than to be michael irvin).



with that, we at TSF extend our heartfelt congratulations to our homegrown boy, billy corben. we look forward to "The U", and cannot f*&king wait for the third and final installment of cocaine cowboys, chronicling the rise and fall of our good friends, the oft maligned, "los muchchos".