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The Connect: IT STARTS TOMORROW Edition

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46 coach votes but a bitch is in Tally.  Miami sits at no. 33 on the coaches' poll, while Florida State is high enough at #19 to make it really, really funny when we prove that to be backwards. 

In other news, we play five ranked teams: No. 3 Oklahoma, No. 7 Virginia Tech, No. 15 Georgia Tech, No. 19 Florida State and No. 20 North Carolina.

[Florida plays 3, because the SEC is soooo haaaaard: No. 9 LSU, No. 13 Georgia, and No. 19 FSU.]

Randy Phillips, one man contract extension lobbyist: Goddam. If you put this interview to the sound of swelling strings or M83, I'd be...feeling a feeling. As it is, I'll just vow to have either Randy's babies, wait for Michelle Pfeiffer to be added to the cast and credited for saving all the black kids in rewrites, and pour one out for the brawls that will never be. God, I'm going to miss those.

Let's be clear.  If we win at all this season, it's going to be because of Jason Fox.  That O-line is SUSPECT. Build shrines, light candles, scream his name instead of your lady's.

Do not fart in Lamar Thomas' general directionThat is all.

LIFE BEGINS TOMORROW AT 8AM.  Practice is open to season ticketholders and their families.  Go forth, minions all three of you, and sneak in and report back.

[This also means we'll actually be blogging regularly now and stuff.  Prepare yourselves.]