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Coach Lovett Is a Wild and Crazy Guy with a Death Wish


Want the story behind this? SO DO WE

In today's Eye on the U, Brandon Harris gives us a little taste of what it's like having John Lovett around:

Coach Lovett is probably one of the funnest coaches I've ever played for. He's football smart. He knows his stuff and he has an amazing personality.

But just being around Coach Lovett, you're guaranteed laughs and enjoyment everyday -- even when you're down. He makes you have fun. It's hard to explain. You just have to know Coach Lovett. He'll hide in a dark area, jump out. He's just a fun guy. You don't see that from coordinators at the college level. He's very relaxed. A lot of the guys, they respond well to him.

Hide in the dark and jump out? Yeesh. Does he also put on a clown suit and stare at them while they shower? I guess that finally explains the highjinks Al Bagnoli was talking about. Color me disappointed I wasn't dead-on with that snorting birth control in a wet suit thing.