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The Connect: We Need a Cigarette Edition

oh, no reason


Dr. Saturday proclaims the U is not a mirage. He's a doctor, so he's right.

As well-protected as he was against a Tech front that terrorized Clemson last Thursday, Harris still was exceptionally comfortable, aware and accurate to receivers who were mostly wide open and -- this is a big deal for Miami receivers, given their recent history -- held on to almost every ball. In two games, Harris is hitting 70 percent of his passes for 11 yards per attempt and 16 per completion, with dangerous/suddenly reliable targets all over the place, a sublimely ridiculous buzzcut and an as yet unflappable presence in the pocket; already, it looks very easy for him. The 'Cane defense also brought it, a vast improvement both from last year's humiliation at Tech and the season-opening shootout at FSU, for good measure.

Meanwhile, there are pretty pictures available at the Sun-Sentinel | NBC Miami | Miami Herald | Palm Beach Post,

and Andy Staples gets the choice quote from Randy Phillips:

People who think we were going to go 0-4 or that we have a soft team or that we ain't ready, they'd better get ready for us. The whole world, because we ain't playing. We're good. Everyone's seeing that. We ain't cocky, but we know what we have going on here. ... The University of Miami is back.


In Tech town, the AJC got glittery with a smattering of words like riddled, befuddled, mutilation, shredded, punctured, masterful, perplexed, and thrashing. Every single one is delicious. 

But not as tasty as this: