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coulda been worse


now that we've covered the positives about saturday's abortion in blacksburg, thoughts on the rest of the game are after the jump

before we get into this, it should be noted that some of us have not watched the replay yet. it should also be noted that, by the 3rd Q, some of us were drowning our sorrows in grey goose and opium. that said, here are a few general themes that jumped off the screen at us before we lost consciousness

  • the polite way to say it would be that we got f*&king owned at the line of scrimmage. on both sides of the ball, yes, but especially on defense.
  • the extent to which we got f*&king owned at the line of scrimmage was overshadowed only by our inability to tackle anyone at the second level. fortunately, the only time VT's ball carriers actually got to the second level is when they ran plays on offense.
  • our inability to tackle was made up for by our failure to block. or catch.  it's hard to put on an aerial show in a rainstorm. its even harder when your QB has 300 lb gorillas all up in his f*&king face, and a group of WR's and TE's who ate a steady diet of butterfingers just before kickoff. so we had that going for us, which was nice. 
  • the "quit" factor was very, very reminiscent of 2008. it is a scientifically proven fact that "quit" is contagious. & every time one unit looked like they had gotten over their nearly fatal case of "quit" the next unit stepped on the field and set the virus loose all over again, spreading like H1N1 from the offense, to the defense to special teams, and back to the offense again. very, very reminiscent of 2008.
  • would the game have played out differently had it not been f*&king pouring? probably. would the d-line have performed better with forston and a healthy moncur? possibly. but the simple reality is that VT went all "pissed off crazy asian kid" on us, and we didn't do a f*&king thing to stop them. & for that, we tip our cap to VT, as they were clearly the better team on saturday.

now let's just turn our attention to oklahoma & never speak of this game, ever, ever again.