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odds of beating oklahoma just increased by .000035%

2008 heisman winner, former 2009 heisman candidate and former oklahoma starting qb sam bradford, walked the trail of tears from the field to the trainer's room yesterday after BYU's coleby clawson seperated the part of bradford's shoulder that connects to his throwing arm, from the part that connects to his torso.  


bradford, or as his people call him, "plays with hurt shoulder", was unable to return to the game and is expected to be out at least a month. for those of you who do math like i do, that means it is highly, highly questionable whether 'plays with hurt shoulder' will be back in time for oklahoma's october 3rd field trip to dade county.

on behalf of canes fans everywhere, we at TSF extend our heartfelt thanks to coleby clawson and will do a little raindance for sam's shoulder to heal 100%. you know, just not until after october 3rd.