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There's a New Sheriff in Town

Apdirtybird, ya'll, injected into the mix with a turkey baster. Heckle away!  -TGB

Drafted into the ranks of the 7th Floor to add a bit of mediocrity new blood to this esteemed blog, I'm now the resident "new guy."  At the behest of others, I have taken up a keyboard to add my total homer viewpoints knowledge of the Hurricanes to the internet.

What you will (likely) see from me here:

1) The hard-hitting analysis you're used to from the 7th Floor.

2) Recruiting news (insert joke about stalking high school athletes).  Looking at the future of the Hurricanes by predicting superstardom but never actually seeing them play in person, but instead relying on the internet (a la Larry Coker).

3) Profiles of Coaches/Staff.  Because I know that you secretly want to know more about Boomer Philbrick.

4) A look back at former Hurricane greats (and not so greats) that didn't quite make it because maybe, just maybe, they weren't up to snuff. (See Capshaw, Freddie: "When Freddie Capshaw's 3-yard punt gave the ball to the Seminoles at the FSU 46...")

5) Breaking Hurricanes' News! 

6) Sporadic baseball and basketball posts.  Because much like Jimmy Graham, I excel at things I haven't done since high school.

What you (hopefully) won't see from me: