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The Connect: 01/15/10 Quickie Recruiting Edition

Chase Ford's early entry waiver request was denied by the NCAA.

At issue was the fact that he transferred from Kilgore to Lamar University for a semester before transferring back.

Because of that, the NCAA said he needs another semester at Kilgore before being eligible for a four-year university.

"He can't come in early, they denied the waiver," Ford's father, Chris Moore, told CaneSport. "He'll come in summer (session) 1. He's still going to be at Miami. He just has to finish his associate's degree at Kilgore. He'll go to school at Kilgore this spring and then will enroll at Miami.

"He's disappointed. He wanted to come. But that's what happens."

That leaves Miami with two scholarship tight ends for spring: Richard Gordon and Billy Sanders.

WR Allen Hurns should find out shortly if he's in next week. 

"I'm optimistic," Hurns' coach, Harold Barnwell, said. "It's something with a grade from a virtual school. He can enroll after that (gets cleared up)."

If Hurns enrolls early that would give Miami seven freshmen on campus that could count against last year's class.

Hey, a virtual school! What could go wrong.

St. Thomas' 4-star wunderkiker, Mike Palardy, committed to Tennessee in July -- but he's just confirmed he'll take an official to Miami on the 29th this week. I guess we can thank Derek Dooley for being entirely underwhelming, and Lane Kiffin for being a giant gaping asshole.

Perhaps by the time Matt Bosher graduates we'll be able to tackle, so having a guy who just kicks like a bull would be enough.