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Clint Hurtt Joins Charlie Strong's Louisville Staff

Certified badass boy wrangler and less certified defensive line coach Clint Hurtt is off to Kentucky.

Hurtt met with Strong on Saturday and was offered a position on the Cardinals’ staff, according to the source, who also said an announcement could be made on Sunday or Monday at the latest.

Hurtt could not be contacted on his cell phone on Saturday night. As of last week the message on Hurtt’s cell phone referred to his positions on the UM staff, but his voice message as of Saturday made no mention of the Hurricanes.

Hurtt, 31, played defensive tackle for UM from 1997 to 2000 and has served as a graduate assistant during the 2003-04 seasons. He was hired as an assistant defensive line coach by Larry Coker in 2006 and promoted to defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator by Randy Shannon in 2007.

As for What It All Means, you can be sure someone can coach as well and better right now. And while it was certainly lovely to have one of our own selling the program, there are a lot of guys who can sell our program -- and a better defensive line will help the program sell itself. No harm done, and if this isn't simply Hurtt off to get a little more experience I'd be surprised.

So, so long, you smiley tub of recruiting beastitude. So long. And best of luck.