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The Connect: 01/25/10

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Ladies and Gentlemen, remember Jeremy Davis? Philip Buchannon's half-brother that committed back in May? Via The Miami Hurricane comes word that our unknown three-star ran a 10.41 100-meter dash. That, by the way, is faster than Hester while he ran track at UM. Schwing!


Oh, it's a family alright: Rivals all but put Randy Shannon in charge of sanitation somewhere in Jersey last weekend when new commit James Gaines gave his word.

It was Saturday night.

Buffalo (NY) Canisius High School OLB James Gaines was eating dinner with his fellow recruits during a Cane official visit when coach Randy Shannon beckoned him and his family over to a corner table.

"What do you want to do?" Shannon asked Gaines.

Fortunately for headed horses roaming Miami-Dade, Gaines said yes. He had only just appeared on the 'Canes' radar, having been committed to Buffalo before Turner Gill left for Kansas.

"Miami received my highlight tape probably two weeks ago. Coach Lovett, he received it and he liked me. He came up to Buffalo and talked to me to see if I was what it said on the film. And apparently I was. He pitched it to coach Shannon and I went down."

And you'll never go back, kid. Never.

When Jimmy Graham's NFL career wraps up in a decade or so, may we suggest motivational speaker? (Also: baby daddy. Call us.) The Senior Bowl weigh-in was today, and our boy tied for longest arms and trails only Alabama fatty Terrance Cody in the giant hand department (no really, call us).

Leon Searcy's 1989 championship ring is on eBay. No word on where you can purchase a Leon Searcy, but if you find one, remember to keep its water fresh.