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Miami-Clemson Post-Game Roundup



More goodness, such as it is, as it comes after the hop.

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Dan Morgan has a blog. It's going to be good.

Associated Press re-cap:

Hankerson said Harris knows how to forget about his errors and focus on what Miami must do to win.

"If he thinks about the picks, it's going to hurt us in the end," Hankerson said. "So (Jacory) put it behind him, made plays, made throws ... and we won the game."

Eye on The U video round-up (more at the source):


Dave Hyde, "Good or Bad, 'Canes QB Delivers When It Counts"*:

He also showed his wonderfully quirky leadership, even as he entered the huddle with the place they call Death Valley breathing on him in the crucial possession of Miami's 30-21 win.

"J-12 checking in,'' he told his teammates with eight minutes left in a 27-21 game.

Around the huddle the inside joke circulated, just as it does every possession. Every player followed Harris' lead by giving first initial and jersey number.

"D-20 checking in,'' Damien Berry said.

"L-85 checking in,'' Leonard Hankerson said.

It's a Jacory thing on top of a 'Cane thing. Maybe a T-shirt should be made. You really wouldn't understand...


Harris looked so good Saturday in throwing four touchdowns you want to weed out the bad. He threw a fly ball to a Clemson defensive back Saturday. He threw an interception in the end zone. He had the rare ability to keep two teams in the game at the same time.

Here's how Miami's second-quarter possessions ended: Touchdown. Interception. Touchdown. Interception. Punt. Touchdown.

"You don't want the turnovers, but he made some great plays for us today,'' Randy Shannon said. "We just have to keep working on it and keep cleaning it up."

He's in the middle of his junior year. You have to wonder if this is who he is. Not that it's bad by any stretch. It just makes you wonder how good Miami can be if Harris' eight interceptions the first four games gets halved during the rest of the season.

*silent but understood: "....As Long As You Aren't In Ohio."

Steve Gorten, Sun-Sentinel:

The Hurricanes have talked of wanting to be a defense that's remembered. Defensive tackle Marcus Forston saw "flashes" of a great defense in the 31-3 win at Pittsburgh. Saturday at Clemson, it was there on complete display.

The 'Canes, who forced just 20 turnovers all last season, followed up three takeaways against Pitt with three interceptions (Forston, Ray Ray Armstrong, Ryan Hill) and three fumble recoveries (Vaughn Telemaque, Colin McCarthy and DeMarcus Van Dyke) on Saturday. All came in Clemson territory. The first two interceptions led to UM touchdowns.

Jorge Milan, Palm Beach Post:

"I'm not allowed to talk," Harris said when approached by a reporter after the game.

It appeared that Harris wasn't allowed to throw the ball in the second half, either. After attempting 22 passes in the first two quarters, he threw only 11 passes in the second half.