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Miami-Florida State GameThread: We Have Turned Burt Reynolds. Glory Awaits.


When/where: 8 p.m., Sad Fake Orange Bowl, Miami Gardens


Weather: 80 degrees, 0 percent chance rain, 89% chance of tits

Prediction: Miami by 8,000 with 43 interceptions (#swag)

Person Who Needs To Rise From The Dead After Three Games: Travis Benjamin, certified Seminole-slayer and recent notpayingattentiondropologist.


Remember when Travis Benjamin was nearly the entire highlight reel?

...and then again in 2009?

Tony Carter does.


Extras: The game is sold out, the first time since moving to Sun Life stadium. It is also an "orange-out," which we thought was silly until we saw Randy Shannon rocking his orange with a chain on College Gameday. A CHAIN. Good things are going to happen today.