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Jon Gruden Or Someone Else Who Knows Madness Thread: Monday

What we know: there is (or was), without question, mutual interest between Miami and Gruden, and he was given "parameters" of a deal over the weekend.

He may be using the school as leverage, or last night's flurry of denials may have bought time, or talks may have ended. He will work Monday night either way, and we should know today -- at a rumored 2 p.m. press conference, if that happens -- or tomorrow whether a deal was in fact reached or Miami is moving on to the next person on their list.

Strap in! Crazy rumors, updates, and dead coaching candidates in the comments. And just think, this could take another six weeks!


The reporting — and tweeting — we’ve done since yesterday on what we were hearing is legit.

There were credible sources telling us (not only me) that Gruden and UM have had mutual interest for awhile and that money and a framework of a deal has already being discussed. A few other sources were saying it was done and a press conference was already in the works for Monday. Obviously, the latter didn’t happen. No credible sources or officials at UM confirmed it. In fact, other sources — as the night went on — began spinning the story in the other direction. So, we didn’t write a story saying that. But I strongly believe from what I heard, Gruden and Miami have been talking for awhile (before Shannon was fired) and numbers of a potential deal have been exchanged.

    -- Manny Navarro