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this will only hurt for a minute

it'll only sting for a second. just squeeze my hand and look away. good job. here's a lollipop.


All I know is that the guys we won with... It was a breed that I've never, ever seen before. You got beat up if you didn't run well enough in the offseason conditioning. You got whooped.

It was not acceptable to bring the team down. The team was held to a certain standard. Even with talented guys like EJ, Reggie Wayne and Santana Moss, those guys ran 110 meter in 11 seconds and they did twenty of them in a row. And if you were the fat kid that couldn't make your time at 18, you got pummeled in the locker room, because you cost everybody else the coach's faith in you...


big ups to friend of the program jorge sedano, & in-house internet magician tgb