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Injured Players, Ballers Lose, But At Least Baseball Starts Friday!

(1) Spring Practice starts next week.  And wait until you see who won't be there AT ALL during the Spring:


P/PK Matt Bosher – upper extremity

LB Ramon Buchanan — upper extremity

RB Graig Cooper – lower extremity (knee)

OL Joel Figueroa — upper extremity (shoulder)

LB Jordan Futch — lower extremity (knee)

DL Levi Paalua — upper extremity

RB Lee Chambers — lower extremity

QB Jacory Harris — upper extremity (hand)

Who will be there, but not really doing anything:

DL Marcus Forston – upper extremity (shoulder)

DB Ryan Hill — upper extremity (shoulder)

DB JoJo Nicolas — upper extremity (shoulder)

(These lists came entirely from Shandel Richardson over at the Sun Sentinel, who is a real reporter, unlike me)

(2) Hurricanes' baseball starts this Friday, opening night at Mark Light Stadium vs. Rutgers. I'll be there, so come find me and I'll buy you a Rag Arm and discuss the finer points of hitting behind the runner and the reason behind all the balks in college baseball.


(3) The basketball team choked (again) tonight and ended up losing by 7 vs. Duke, after leading by 12 at half time.  At least a congratulations are in order for Jack McClinton, who had his number retired tonight. He's back in the US for a bit from his foray in Turkey with Aliaga Petkim, where he's averaging 16 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists a game (with a season high of 33 points).