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Arthur Brown Not Enrolled at Miami

From Eye on the U:

According to UM's sports information deparment, Brown is not enrolled in classes this semester and has returned home to Wichita, Kansas. "It is unknown if he'll be returning, but he has not requested a transfer," UM SID Mark Pray told our Susan Miller Degnan moments ago.

...He came to UM from Wichita East High as the top prospect in the country according to He was selected a Parade All-American and named to USA Today's All-American team. Despite starring in high school, Brown had trouble picking up more complex defenses in college. Junior Sean Spence told me earlier this season Brown had trouble recognizing when the run was coming and when the pass was coming and was often slow to react. 

Now, the question becomes will Brown return?

Eh, let's not hold our breaths. Early buzz say his departure was "not football-related," but who knows?

Does it matter?

This isn't a slam on Arthur Brown -- he had, after all, two more years to figure college football out -- but what's more important than star ratings and Parade noms is what you do with it. I'd be tinkled pink if Arthur Brown came back and morphed into The Return of Ray Lewis; I'd be equally pleased if he just tried his hardest and got a degree in the meantime. But I also hope he does whatever's best for him. Kids transfer from programs all the time, and there's nothing wrong with that -- unless it's Sean Spence.