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The Orlando Sentinel Knows Recruiting and I Don't

It's Signing Day Eve and we all know what that means: an unhealthy obsession with high school football.  I'm not going to pretend that I know anything at all about recruiting.  In fact, I may actually know less than Larry Coker, if that's possible.  But if anyone knows anything at all about recruiting, especially Florida recruiting, it's the Orlando Sentinel.  These people spend waaaay too much time focusing on 15-17 year old boys but, luckily, they use their powers for good.

For example, they took the time to make a list for me: the Top 100 Recruits in Florida.  What do we learn from this list?

  • Steve Spurrier, Mark Richt, and Butch Davis all still recruit Florida;
  • The Canes (currently) have 9% of the Top 100 Florida recruits (see what I did there, I made it look more impressive than it really is);
  • There is a school called "Titusville Astronaut" and their mascot is not a spaceman.

For instantaneous updates on commitments tomorrow, you would be remiss to ignore that whole crew, namely Tim Stephens (the sports editor for the paper) and his legion of writers who will be updating the website religiously and live-tweeting the entire debacle from Orlando Sentinel Recruiting.  

And if your sick enough, they already have the Top 100 Recruits for 2011 out for that dead period between now and next season

Note: I have never worked for the Orlando Sentinel, am not seeking to work for the Orlando Sentinel, and am not related to any of the writers or editors at the Orlando Sentinel.  They just know their shit.

Update - I totally boned and forget PHIL STEELE.  That's why I'm a a peon here and The Great Barstoolio runs this ship with an iron fist.