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Warning: Under Armour 2011 Miami Combine Stories Forthcoming

I had the opportunity to spend about 5 hours today at the Under Armour Combine for the 2011 signing classes (the current high school juniors), taking pictures, interviewing some of the recruits, and watching them showcase their athletic skills.

Just a taste of what I'm going to be posting:

  • Miscellaneous combine results from Teddy Bridgewater, Andrew Johnson, Gerod Holliman, Phillip Dorsett, Tacoi Sumler, and a host of others;
  • A look into what some of the guys think about UM, why they may or may not be interested in UM, and if they want to remain in South Florida or want a "new experience," as a lot of the guys said;
  • A brief discussion I had with Coach Pat Burrows from Miami Southridge;
  • So many pictures I don't know what do with;
  • Info on a DT prospect that put up 185 pounds 32 times and has barely been recruited by UM.
On a parting note, Teddy Bridgewater couldn't contain his excitement when he was talking to me:
: Dsc02769_medium


(Disclaimer: I did receive a free Under Armour shirt)