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Allen Bailey Bested in Weight Room Shock Horror


From Eye on the U:

If there is one thing defensive end Allen Bailey took pride in off the field last year it was his dominance in trainer Andreu Swasey's weight room. The 6-4, 288-pound senior was more than happy about having four of his photos hanging from the Canes' famed Strength and Conditioning board.

But according to Bailey, after Swasey's first round of testing for the 2010 season (the Hurricanes will test again after spring football) he now owns just three of the six categories in the OL/DL division.

Blame junior OL Harland Gunn. According to Bailey, Gunn overtook him recently in the squat when he raised his maximum weight up to 620 pounds.

Bailey said he still owns the power clean (405), the bench press (415) and 20-yard shuttle and plans to retake the title in the vertical leap (he won it last year with a 38 1/2 inch jump).

Oh my god. This is like learning gravity no longer exists. I seriously don't want to live in a world in which Allen Bailey isn't capable of killing everyone else on the planet without breaking a sweat, unless, of course, that world is one in which the rest of the Canes morph into a preview of The Matrix 12. Or this post spurs our Blulk into literally slaughtering every QB in the ACC next season. Either one, though we're assuming the latter.