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Jimmy Graham is the Best TE EVER!!!! (or how the Canes did at the NFL Combine)

I know, another combine post from me, but this time it's our boys trying to go to the NFL.  TGB's been stalking Jimmy Graham, but I wanted to give some info on the other Canes who took the trip to Indianapolis.

I. The Canes Invited to the Combine

II. How They Did

I really have no idea.  The NFL has made it close to impossible to find any individual statistics for each player, and I didn't have the time (or willpower) to watch the NFL Network for 5 days to try to figure it out.  What I did find though were the "top performers" per position and combine drill.  Of course, not every player participates in every drill, so those results are suspect too.  And as we all know, combine performance doesn't really mean shit. With that being said, on to the Canes' top performers.

Dedrick Epps: Combine FAIL.  Wasn't a top performer in any drill. Sorry Dedrick.  Frowny_face_medium

Jason Fox: Combine FAIL.  Wasn't a top performer in any drill. Sorry Jason. Frowny_face_medium

Javarris James: WOOOHOOO.  Javarris was tied for 8th in the vertical leap with a 36inch vert. 

Darryl Sharpton: A great year put him on the map.  However, at the combine he wasn't a top performer in any drill. Sorry Darryl. 

Jimmy Graham: Someone decided to become a man's man at the combine and be a top performer in 5 of the seven drills (and I don't even know if he participated in the other two).
  • 40 yard dash: Graham was second of all TE's, clocking a 4.56.  He's 6'6", 260 and ran that. The top TE in the 40 was Pitt's Dorin Dickerson who's only 6'4", 226. 
  • Vertical Jump: Graham finished 3rd, jumping 38.5".  Again, he's 6'6", while the guys he finished behind are 2 and three inches smaller and 10-30 pounds lighter.  Dickerson was first.
  • Broad Jump: Graham finished second (behind Dickerson AGAIN) with a 10' jump.
  • Three Cone (also called L Cone): Graham finished second, in 6.9 seconds.  If you don't know what the 3 cone drill is take a look:
  • 60 Yard Shuttle: Graham finished second running an 11.76".
WIth a performance like that, Jimmy Graham needs his own award:
6690_medium  That about sums it up...

III. Where They'll Be Drafted

This where I become Mel Kiper, Jr. (with better hair) or Todd McShay (but less of a douche):

I say James gets drafted in the 6th round, Sharpton in the 6th, Epps doesn't get drafted, Fox in the 4th (this is a reach) and Jimmy catapulted himself into the 2nd round.  What say you guys?