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Inevitability: It Happens


From the Twitter feed of Wes Rucker, who covers Tennessee Football for the Chatanooga Times-Free Press:


RB Bryce Brown at least not temporarily with the #Vols, per Dooley. May transfer. Looks like he will but nothing definite, per Dooley. I've pretty much known this Brown thing was coming at some point - tried dropping hints today - but I didn't know it would be this soon. Couldn't quite "prove" it. No one would say for sure on the record.

If he goes, look at KState and Southern Cal, in that order.

He's not technically "on the team" right now. But he's not out of the program. If that makes sense. Don't underestimate the complete culture change in UT's program right now, guys. It will have an impact. Things are much different here now.

Brown has to finish his first full year at UT, or he can't transfer anywhere without 2-year penalty. Remember that.

Dooley: "We've not kicked him off, by any means. We want Bryce here. I'm not here to recruit (guys already on the team). I'm here to coach. I'm a little surprised, but you can only control what you can control."

People blaming Dooley for this is beyond me. I'm not sure anyone but Kiffin could have kept Brown here. That's JMO, but I think I'm right. If they don't want to be there, and a coach grovels, that coach loses authority over that player. You can't run your program like that.

Dooley and Brown have spoken several times the past few weeks. The kid didn't level with him until today. The timing was weird and caught most people off guard. I'll give you that. No idea why he picked today of all days.

Note to all people feeling crazy on UT's campus right now. Bryce Brown is a kid. Remember that. I'm just sayin...

Bryce Brown wasn't happy backing up Hardesty last season, FWIW. He expected to start because of his recruitment. This is 100% true. The flip side is he was promised some things. Hence the expectation.

Bryce never said on the record he was mad at being No. 2, so you're just gonna have to trust me on that one. Also, he was promised things...More touches. Bigger role. Coaches tried appeasing by giving him goalline TDs.

A few times last season, Hardesty ran up/down the field and Brown got the goalline TD. You could see right through it.

And to this I say: There but for the spine of Randy go we. Phew!