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Offseason Science Project: Inside Randy Shannon


Recently, when asked about his own mental well-being in the days following the birth of his first giant, ornery child, a friend related the experience to seeing the inside of Randy Shannon's soul in the wee hours of the night.

"I think it's just a ceiling fan spinning in futile circles against the ceiling of a stifling apartment in Overtown," he said. "And someone crying."

Yep, that's our coach. Of course, we here at The 7th Floor aren't content with heresay, no sir. We used SBN Beta technology to zap ourselves into tiny, blood-cell sized pieces, and entered into Randy Shannon's system via a xanax-and-virgin-blood cocktail. 

Like the Hubble telescope, except in an even darker and forboding space, we have sent back images captured from his innermost being.

Some of them may be disturbing.

Shannon_warmth_mediumShannon_dolphin_laughs_medium Shannon_shorts_mediumRobotcity_mediumShannon_soul_cactus_yes_mediumTumblr_kxi76ayi5t1qzhoepo1_500_medium Tumblr_kxwsodaccd1qzwrk6o1_500_mediumTumblr_kxns9k6zvc1qzgkwbo1_400_mediumTumblr_kx0fabvbrz1qzwrk6o1_500_mediumTumblr_kxybjw1n9f1qzx8f2o1_400_medium264g86e_mediumBaby1-550x412_mediumApotion_medium2jeodi8_mediumTumblr_kxwstxtqtb1qzwrk6o1_500_mediumShannon_mullet_medium Tumblr_kxnw54sofx1qzxzwwo1_500_medium  Tumblr_kyfnjltqpy1qz7qrwo1_500_medium Tumblr_kxwdiu6i7e1qz6f9yo1_500_medium   Tumblr_ky8gwywjri1qzs56do1_500_medium Shannon_cakedog_medium

Results: inconclusive.