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All Moneyshots

One giant post.  All pictures and captions.  Autograph signing, warm-ups, game, NFL Canes, fans, you name it and I made Dan take pictures of it.  Click to make them supersized.  Let me start you off right:


Possibly the 3rd sign of the Apocalypse.  

Pre & During Autograph Signing


Steven Wesley & Allen Bailey. Believe it or not, they play the same position.


Josh Holmes & Bailey. Believe it or not, they play the same position.


Ray Ray & Nathan Gholston (carrying water, which, sadly, was the pinnacle of his performance). 


Bosher. If you didn't know he was a kicker, you would know he was a kicker (a damn good one, but a kicker).


Mike James (telling Bailey he's going to dance on his face), with Highsmith mocking him.


Sean Spence trying to get the fans excited, for his autographs. (C.J, Holton in the background.)


Joel Figueroa, doing as much work as he was going to do all day.  Nice ink though.


Dyron Dye, Curtis Porter, Brandon McGee, and Vaughn Telemaque checking out Willis McGahee's new look.



Sebastian was a little tight during warm-ups.


If Jacory goes down (please don't let it happen), close your eyes and pick the back-up.


SpongeMark WhipplePants.


Stephen Morris NOT throwing on the run for a change.


Lamar Miller, pre-injury.


Jake Wieclaw.  Had to kick every extra point and FG in the scrimmage. He was tired after the game.


Storm Johnson. Looked better on the sidelines than in the game.  Things will get better, I promise.

More Spring Game Action


Highsmith seeing what other QB's will fear this year.


Whipple feeling the defensive heat.


Allen Bailey taking a break from holding up the world.


Mike James breaking his 50+ yard run. Check out Damien Berry in the background.


McCarthy bringing down James on his run.


Jermaine Johnson blocking on the hand-off.


Micanor Regis getting the better of Harland Gunn.


Stephen Morris calling the play out of the huddle.


Pass break-up.


Bailey, get out of Steven Wesley's picture.


Whipple calling down lightning. Or getting ready to heave one deep.


Ok, I guess he was heaving it deep.


Lamar Miller breaking right.


One of Wieclaw's field goal attempts.

Fans, Cheerleaders, NFL Canes


The kids love DVD.


Maybe the polar opposite of the real Allen Bailey.


Obviously Joseph Bernard is a big fan of Thearon Collier. 


This guy should have been tasered about 50 times throughout the day.






Clinton being Clinton and not Choo Choo, Southeast Jerome, Sheriff Gonna Getcha, or Dollah Bill.


Vernon Carey out from hiding (i.e. the Dolphins).




Willis groovin'.


Warren Sapp stealing Gatorade.


Graig Cooper sighting (rocking ice)!


Whipple, telling Jacory to not get hurt again.


JACORY PASSING (left-handed).


He's a QB for a reason.