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Canes You Have Known and Loved: Aaron Moser

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Welcome back to the "This is Your Life" for former Hurricanes.  After taking an informal poll of all my fans, I took some time to waste a bunch of time on the internet thoroughly research some the candidates and finally decided that there was only one option for this, another special teams maven:

Moser_-_official_medium  Fan favorite and special teams maverick, Aaron Moser

Special Player, Special Teams

Moser's career on football field put him in about every position except QB: scout team, kick-off return man, punt and kick coverage team, the holder on FG's and XP's, a wide-out, a reserve safety, all culminating in being named Special Teams Player of the Year by the coaches after the 2000 season.  Upstaged by Edgerrin James in the now famous UCLA game, Moser also caught a wide-open TD pass from Scott Covington to put the Canes up 14-7 early on.

Track and Field Exploits

What we all need to remember is that Moser was one of those players whose highlight reel wasn't simply between the goalposts, but was actually more substantial elsewhere; living up to his track scholarship.  During his time at UM, he was a physical specimen that eventually owned the school record for the decathlon at UM, set a Big East record for decathlon points at the Big East Track & Field Championships in 2000.  Oh, and when Moser set that record, he won his third consecutive Big East decathlon title.  Besides the decathlon, he also competed individually in the javelin and the pole vault (that was his version of "rest" when he wasn't competing in 10 consecutive events). 

Post Football

So what does a career special-teamer and track stud do once his time in college is done?  Make fat people fit, old people spry, and hopefully make some money along the way.  Namely, become a trainer for Perform Better (though the website says he's a sales representative, we all know better than that, don't we?)

Moser_-_amazon_medium  Who wouldn't want to train with him?

Are you lazy and slow?  Do you need to run faster and longer? Well, I think Mr. Moser can help you out.  There is something else you need to remember:

     You're not in the marching band.

He just doesn't train athletes, he trains other trainers:

  Can you do everything he wants?

Work the rope, not the body:

Man, after all that working out, I need to relax and, from what I can tell, Moser knows how to relax!


Decathlete, trainer, dancing machine.

Aaron Moser, thank you for all you did on the football and on the track while at UM, and good luck in your current position and exploits around the world.

Favorite Moser memories football or otherwise, leave them in the comments.