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Hurricane Draft Recap and Rookie Free Agent Signings - UPDATED 2

I'm sure all of you know by now that Jimmy went to the Saints to party with Shockey and Buck Ortega (Yeah, he's still in the league and listed as a TE), and Sharpton's making the trip to Texans.  But what else happened?

1) Jason Fox was also drafted in the 4th round (after Sharpton) and takes on the task of protecting Matt Stafford in Detriot.

2) Dedrick Epps went in the 7th and gets to learn more of his craft behind Antonio Gates in San Diego.

Rookie Free Agent Signings

And that's it for drafted Canes.  Unsigned Free agents made some noise too:

1) Sam Shields signed with the Packers (WTF?).

2) Javarris James is going to Indy (worked out well for Edge, we'll see if Javarris can make the team).

3) AJ Trump heading to the Steelers.  I'll avoid the obvious jokes about protecting Ben...

****NEW NEW NEW******

4) Tervaris Johnson signs with the Chiefs

5) Joe Joseph signs with the Titans

New2 - 6) Omar Kelly reporting via Twitter that Randy Phillips signed with the Lions

Guys Who May Have To Put Their Degree To Use

Chavez Grant, Tervaris Johnson, Joe Joseph, Eric Moncur (or as Brent Musburger called him this year, "MAN-CUR!!!"), Randy Phillips, and Matt Pipho.  For what it's worth, all of us at the 7th Floor salute you.

Other Rumblings?

The Giants picked a punter in the 4th round.  "But APDB, why did they pick a punter when they have the senior statesman of Hurricane football players, Jeff Feagles?" Well, according to Adam Schefter:


And in case you wonder how old Feagles really is: