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Where Have All the Hurricanes Gone?

The off-season couldn't possibly be more boring right now, could it?  (Watch our boys run!  See Randy Shannon glare at people!  Stalk Jacory Harris!  Run from Allen Bailey!!)  So to brighten up your day I'm reaching out for input on my "Canes You Have Known and Loved" series.

Who do you want to see a profile on?  Kevin Beard?  Sherko Haji-Rasouli? Ethnic Sands? Kenny Kelly? James Jackson?  The Weaver brothers?  Marley? Other random player who you only know about because you saw him at a party or in the dorms all the time (anyone else spot the Mike Langley reference? Anyone else know who Mike Langley even is?)

I'm working the research on a few now, but want to know who you miss.  Take it to the comments in style:

This is so weird, I just had to put it in here.