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The Connect: Hey, We Make Connect Again, Yes?


That's "track commit" Latwan Anderson throwing up the U after breaking former NFL'er Robert Smith's 1988 Ohio state record in the 400 meters. Anderson ran a 47.26, and referred to this snap as Anderson "giving thanks."

(Elsewhere on, you can see the world's least dynamic sportswriter refer to UM as "Miami University" before Anderson speaks on camera. OSU degree at work!)

But don't you want to see your future defensive back running an incredible final-leg come-from-behind 200 to win his team a state title in the 4x2, on only one good leg? Of course you do.

Yep, he's very, very fast.

Barry Jackson is reliving history. Why the Herald writer is just now getting on board with Kevin Nelson calling Gators coaches "grimy, two-faced, and disrespectful" and submitting it like a new story we can't explain, because it happened in November of 2009. But whatever. It's almost as good as the time Marcus Forston called Doc Holliday "Snake Eyes," so may as well relive it.

Speaking of old stories (we're not journalists, so it's okay), Pat Hill's wife birthed his child, who sits in team meetings and yells "Touchdown!" when he's not quiet. You know how they say giving birth is like putting a watermelon through a soda can? Birthing Pat Hill's baby must be like driving a zeppelin through a coin slot.

Demarcus Van Dyke, Corey Nelms, Travis Benjamin, and Brandon McGee have already broken their own school record in the 4x100, and are a rare all-football team competing at the NCAA's national outdoor meet in Oregon starting today. (Lamar Miller may or may not run, depending on his recovery from the spring football shoulder injury.)

"It's a great feeling," Benjamin told Rivals. "McGee is always saying we're the only four football players in America to get a track record. All of us wanted to come here and set our own standard because we're just football players out here running. We set our eyes on the record ever since we got out here. We all ran the 4x1 in high school, and our first day out here we said we'd get that record."

The foursome is peaking at the right time -- their last two races have been school records -- but still face an uphill battle against Florida, with Chris Rainey and Jon Demps, and FAMU. The first prelims start today at 4, and you can check results at NCAA Track.

There are only 19 more days until the team reports and Allen Bailey makes a giant cone thing about just staying down. Again.