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The Connect: 07/28/10

Unrelated, but no less glorious.

ESPN recruiting editor Jamie Newberg wrote an essential 2011 Canes recruiting update, talking a little bit about the players that have already committed ("Bridgewater is confident, fearless and a leader. He could be the heir apparent to Jacory Harris at the U." etc) (For the record, I'm about two more Bridgewater press clippings away from getting a tattoo of his face on my face)

and A LOT about players who are still on the radar. I won't spoil any of it, but this is pretty awesome stuff. Jamie, I hope you have a Google Alert set up for yourself so you can see this post. WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL. A bag of Warren Sapp's finest piff is on its way to Bristol. Make sure you intercept Jalen Rose.

In his bi-weekly Sports Buzz column, Barry Jackson, the best sports reporter in Miami, has an encouraging note about defensive line coach Rick Petri.

UM people are raving about new assistant coach Rick Petri's influence on the defensive line, which one NFL scout said was poorly coached under Clint Hurtt.

At 5' 7", 135 pounds, I clearly don't know shit about football techniques, but I think it was pretty clear that the defensive line under Clint Hurtt was sorely under performing. I always have envisioned the day where Allen Bailey shows up to the NFL Combine and scouts/reporters start to faint or spontaneously implode during his workouts leading everyone to be all "Where was this guy in college????" But I think the addition of Petri means that guys like Bailey and the Marcuses Forston and Robinson that have shown minimal improvement at Miami might finally blossom into the dominant defenders that they've hinted at being.

Jorge Milian has a good catch-all post up, including a nice tidbit about Forston reaching out to Cortez Kennedy and musings on all things offensive line. The "tag cloud" of that post is sort of what it would be like if I was walking around with a visible thought bubble.

All Canes is taking pre-orders on The U DVD. I really have nothing to add to this, for obvious reasons. And for anyone who is thinking "Oh I already have this saved on DVR," I'm pretty sure that the DVD has EXTENDED UNCLE LUKE INTERVIEW FOOTAGE. Obviously that would be the worth the price of purchase alone.