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Steven Wesley Dismissed From Team For "Academic Reasons"

You know how Allen Bailey is supposed to have the strength of two men? Here's hoping he plays for two this season, as if he was pregnant with his own little Allen Bailey, because Miami is now short one fellow defensive end: Steven Wesley has been dismissed from the team for what the Herald calls "academic reasons."

Knowing Randy Shannon's privacy policies, that's probably code for "he strangled seven hobos, but we keep that shit in-house." But also knowing the Polk County school system that produced him and this, it's just as likely code for "academic reasons."

[Update: This says "numbers game." But we'll probably never know!]

What does it mean? Well, considering Gavin Hardin's neck fell off last year, it's not great. But Adewale Ojomo returns, so...think of it like a trade!

Also possibly maybe joining him but hopefully not: Thearon Collier, who is expected to discuss his future with coaches on Monday according to the Herald. Pimp was released from spring ball to deal with academics and personal business after suffering the death of a child and dealing with his mother's stroke. Word is that didn't go as well as it needed to, so here's hoping we get another shot to see this -- and good luck to both.