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The Connect: 08/12/10

Scrimmage! No one got hurt! Even though the team went full contact on special teams, which is apparently something that no one ever does. But hey, even Corey Nelms needs to practice.

Here are the stats and a report from the scrimmage. Aldarius Johnson got touchdowns. Mike James ran for touchdowns. Kylan Robinson continued to grow into a position that he has been playing for three years. Ray Ray quite predictably intercepted a Lil Whip pass. In truth, I find this stuff to be pretty worthless as it's inherently impossible to tell which plays were the virtue of total skill and which were borne out of someone's mistake. Most notably, Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clements were on kick returns. Watch your knees, guys.

Manny has started his online "chats" again. I use the square quotes because this is like the 1997 version of an internet chat, which means that it's pretty much just an email Q&A. But I've always been fond of this feature because the questions are usually pretty pointed and Manny doesn't shy away from answering them. The most recent one is short and a bit pointless since fans and media are in the same boat when it comes to seeing practices, but there's still some decent insight there.

Manny also has a Coop update. He should begin contact drills sometime next week.

"The U" is on DVD! Everyone clear out their Sunday afternoon!