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The Connect: 08/16/10

First, the obligatory practice report: Today's early morning practice was dominated by the tiny, mighty Travis Benjamin. He and Jacory connected on two long passes, presumably against the first team defense, and he also caught a long pass from Prince Whipple. Marcus Robinson was the star on defense, which is nice to hear even though it only illustrates the inconsistency that has dogged him throughout his career. Most importantly, Jeremy Shockey Chase Ford caught a touchdown during red zone drills, which it seems he has been doing all camp. Tight ends were huge in the red zone last year, so it would be nice if he could replace some of the touchdown production of Dedrick Epps and Jimmy Graham. There is also a practice later today.

Graduating college is a scary thing. There is a lot of stress and work involved in leaving the comfortable cocoon of schooling and entering the real world. You have to get a job! No more mid-day naps! Some dearly departed Canes are now competing for jobs in the NFL, which started up its pre-season this weekend. The big standout was Darryl Sharpton, who led the Texans with seven tackles, in a game that also featured a 44 yard touchdown by Andre Johnson. Spencer Adkins (Spencer Adkins!) led the Falcons in tackles as well. I repeat, Spencer Adkins! Darnell Jenkins, a very good college receiver who happened to have his career coincide with the Kirby Freeman Era, caught a 52 yard pass for the New England Patriots. Javarris James ran for 17 yards on four carries for the Colts, a team that has a rather significant running back deficiency at the moment.

But, some other babies did not fare so well. Jimmy Graham caught one pass for six yards (no reports on whether he used both hands) and Sam Shields, already a massive long shot to make the Packers, fumbled during either a kick or punt return (no reports on whether he was consoled by his bong post-game). Jason Fox is also apparently going to be the Lions' third team left tackle. Dedrick Epps did not catch a pass for the Chargers.

The rakontur website has been posting previews of the deleted scenes from The U DVD. They are all varying degrees of great. There is also a release party for the DVD tonight at Titanic on Ponce by the baseball stadium.