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The Connect Is Lurking Your Media Guides

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This is still funny to me, but the venerable Caneshooter reports that it isn't nearly the worst Florida State media guide gaffe:

Back in the fall of 1982, Florida State printed 10,000 copies of its 125th Anniversary special edition football program before someone noticed one of the fans on the cover was none other than Miami Hurricanes baseball coach Ron Fraser.

Fraser, fresh off the 'Canes first College World Series title, was photographed as part of a crowd shot with his daughter Lynda, who attended FSU at the time. While Fraser is a FSU alum, his claim to fame being "The Wizard of College Baseball" was due to his success of leading the rival Miami baseball program to national prominence.

Needless to say, the program was pulled after the discovery.


Speaking of images, here's one of all the dreads Dyron Dye just cut off. Jacory Harris reports he is now sporting a mohawk.


Shandel Richardson reports season ticket sales are up 70 percent. This sounds almost impossible to be true. But like animals instinctively running before a tsunami is even detected, people must know what's up. Giggety!

Barry Jackson brings the buzz and, well, "far from convinced" is pretty strong language, no?

Colin McCarthy and Sean Spence are set, and coach Randy Shannon hopes Kylan Robinson can build on a strong spring and keep the middle linebacker job. Privately, though, other UM staffers are far from convinced about Robinson and said McCarthy could move inside, with Ramon Buchanan or Jordan Futch starting outside.

Before a knee injury in October, UM people thought Futch was the team's fourth-best linebacker behind graduated Darryl Sharpton, McCarthy and Spence. Freshman Kevin Nelson eventually could challenge for time at middle linebacker, which "is the Achilles' heel of this defense,'' Don Bailey said.