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The Connect Goes To Dance Class

Not every student-athlete is Myron(e) Rolle. Some athletes take summer classes, and when they take summer classes, they take dance class. Canes football players are those athletes.

Yesterday, I believe, was the final day of summer classes at UM. Jacory posted photos of the dance final exams on twitpic.

The first photo is the group comprised of Allen Bailey, DVD, Lee Chambers and Micanor Regis. Jacory's caption: "Now its @ time and he stiff. @ look like a chicken with his head cut off." Seems appropriate.


The next photo features Damien Berry and three other guys that I can't make out.


If this was 1986 and college football wasn't operating under the draconian SAVE OUR CHILDREN FROM THE CELEBRATION OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS rulebook that it currently is, then I think we would be seeing some coordinated Riverdance shit in the end zone. Alas, we'll have to settle for awkward shoulder bumps.

In other final exam news, Tommy Streeter interviewed Alonzo Highsmith and then did a presentation on him for his Sports Administration class. I would like to see this presentation.

In sadder news, Shandel Richardson tweets that our baby Gavin Hardin will again be out for the year due to medical issues. Offensive lineman Stephen Plein will join him.