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The Connect: 08/31/10

Just some quick ones today:

Jorge Milian sat down with Randy Shannon yesterday and this is the resulting post. You should really read the whole thing, but most notably Randy said that Graig Cooper will play on Thursday night as long as the weather is clear. Milian also clears up the kicking situation, which, not to get MILES ahead of myself (can't help it though), looms large on the horizon for a team that should have national title expectations in 2011. I apologize for even bringing this up. Anyway, Big Bank Bosh will be handling all kick off duties this year. Hopefully his leg will not DISINTEGRATE. He also is reporting that John Calhoun and Travis Williams suffered year-ending injuries, so lets up Pat Hill, our lovely little bowling ball, can stay healthy this year.

Milian also wrote a feature about James Gaines, the Buffalo product that was barely recruited before receiving and accepting a UM offer. Gaines, along with Kelvin Cain, was a two-star product according to Rivals, and both were the main examples used by detractors of this current year's recruiting class. That is important because Gaines will likely see playing time on Thursday and throughout the year on special teams, signaling that he's further ahead than most of the other freshmen. Make of that what you will.

Manny has a new post up as well after returning from the Marlins beat. He makes some predictions— Jermaine Johnson at RT, namely— while also passing along some special teams information. Personally, I expect Lamar Miller to emerge as the main punt returner (likely after the Ohio State game) both because he needs to be on the field and to protect the health and stamina of Brandon Harris and Travis Benjamin, the two other names that have been thrown around.

Might update this later after news rolls out later this morning.