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Extremity Suspensions List: FAMU

♪ Some of these things are not like the others, some of these things just don't belong. ♪ Can you tell which of these are not like the others ♪ -- and which are secret Randy Shannon Ninja Disciplinary Acts? 

We can't, exactly, but we know they're in there. And not out there.

Questionable: OL Jermaine Johnson (upper extremity), DL Micanor Regis (upper extremity), DB Jamal Reid (lower extremity).
Doubtful: LB Jordan Futch (lower extremity), DL Andrew Smith (upper extremity).
Out: OL Jermaine Barton (lower extremity), FB John Calhoun (lower extremity), LB Kevin Nelson (upper extremity), LB Travis Williams (lower extremity)