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oh! oh! lets talk about the '03 fiesta bowl some more

alright people. some of you are not gonna like this. well... we only have 12 readers, so about 10 of you are not gonna like this. it's probably going to be unpleasant to hear. it may even upset some of you. regardless. it needs to be said, and its after the jump...

the '03 fiesta bowl is in the past.


leave it in the past where it belongs, and move on.


i know. that's crazy talk. we got f**king jobbed out of a national championship, and we're just supposed to just let that shit slide? i get it. i promise you, i get it.


but the '03 fiesta bowl is not the reason we play this game tomorrow. 

matter of fact, tomorrow is the most important game this program has played in years. and it has absolutely nothing to do with the '03 fiesta bowl. 


look. did we get hosed in tempe? clearly. 

does it still sting? obviously. 

but talking about it ad nauseum ain't gonna to put that flag back in the official's pocket. 

it happened. its in the past. its time to move on.

tomorrow isn't about getting payback.

it isn't about revenge.

payback and revenge are nice. but tomorrow is about something way, way, way more important.


tomorrow is about finding out if we're really as good as we think we are. 

tomorrow is about game 2 of what could, potentially... maybe... hopefully... possibly... turn out to be a monster f**king season. 


tomorrow is about finding out if we're the kind of miami team that goes and fistfights you in your own back yard, and embarasses and humiliates you in front of all your friends and family, then takes your uneaten sandwich out the fridge as we leave



tomorrow is about finding out if we're the kind of miami team that walks into your house without knocking, coked up out of our minds, with an inch and a half of mud and dirt and shit caked all over our prada boots, and jumps up & down on your brand new $15,000 white suede couch screaming 






that's what tomorrow is about. trying to make it about anything other than that, is just selling this team short. 

it has nothing to do with the '03 fiesta bowl. tomorrow is about this team. these kids. this season. they earned that. don't sell them short on some bullshit revenge obsession.







ok fine, tomorrow is also about getting some payback, b/c we got f**king robbed