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Someone at the Athletic Office had the BRILLIANT idea to release the 2010-2011 basketball schedule on the same night as the football team's opening game. I hope that they have a Nobel Prize in Marketing Strategies to give to someone over there.

But I digress. This is getting its own post because this is BY FAR the best non-conference schedule that any Miami team has had in the FAITH IN HAITH Era. It's actually heartening that Haith and his dudes took the rampant criticism of last year's non-conference schedule to heart, especially with how potentially sneaky this team might be this year.

btw HOW FUCKING DOPE is the midnight game at Memphis gonna be? Now THAT is some real marketing genius.

Full schedule after the jump

*dunks on Greg Paulus*

2010-11 Miami Men’s Basketball Schedule

November: 3 vs. Barry (Exhibition), 7:30 p.m.; 8 vs. Florida Southern (Exhibition), 7:30 p.m.; 12 vs. Jacksonville, 7:30 p.m.; 15 at Memphis (ESPN/, 11:59 p.m.; 19 vs. North Carolina Central (FS-FL), 7 p.m.; 21 at Rutgers, 4 p.m.; 24 vs. McNeese State, 7:30 p.m.; 27 at Florida Gulf Coast, 7:05 p.m.; 30 vs. Ole Miss (FS-FL/NESN), 7 p.m. December: 4 vs. West Virginia (SUN), 4 p.m.; 12 vs. Stetson^ (in Coral Gables), 4 p.m.; 18 vs. UCF# (SUN/FS-FL), 2 p.m.; 21 vs. Oral Roberts^, TBA; 22 vs. Rice^, TBA; 23 vs. Akron^, TBA; 30 vs. Pepperdine, 6 p.m. January: 2 at Duke* (FSN), 7:45 p.m.; 8 at Clemson* (ESPNU), 6 p.m.; 15 vs. Boston College* (ESPNU), 6 p.m.; 19 vs. Florida State* (RSN), 9 p.m.; 23 at NC State* (Raycom), Noon; 26 vs. North Carolina* (ESPN/ESPN2), 7:30 p.m.; 30 at Virginia Tech* (FSN), 5:30 p.m. February: 3 vs. Georgia Tech * (ESPN/ESPN2), 7 p.m.; 5 vs. Virginia*, 2 p.m.; 9 at Wake Forest* (RSN), 7 p.m.; 13 vs. Duke* (FSN), 6:45 p.m.; 15 at UNC Greensboro, 7 p.m.; 20 vs. Clemson* (TBA), TBA; 23 at Boston College*, 7 p.m.; 26 at Florida State* (Raycom), 2 p.m. March: 2 vs. Maryland* (ESPNU), 7 p.m.; 6 at Georgia Tech* (Raycom), 2:30 p.m.; 10-13 at ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament (Greensboro, N.C.).