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2012 Recruiting Update

If there's one thing that we need to talk about in the days before one of the most critical starts of Jacory Harris' career, it's high school juniors that have given a non-binding verbal commitment to play football for Miami two years from now. So, without further adeiu.

Norland's Keith Brown is widely considered to be one of the best linebackers in the 2012 class.  ESPN's Corey Long says that Brown is, "quickly establishing himself as the state's top linebacker." He also appears on ESPN's 2012 Watch List.

Exactly a week after Brown's commitment, his teammate Randy "Duke" Johnson gave his pledge to join the 2012 class. He is tiny and fast and seems eminently lovable. The only downside here is that once he joins Storm Johnson in the backfield, he will open the door for some truly corny Johnson & Johnson puns. He also appears on ESPN's 2012 Watch List, and we have a highlight video:

The most recent commit is 6' 2" safety Willie Bailey from Hallandale High. He doesn't seem to be as highly rated as either Brown or Johnson, although this highlight video does make him look pretty much like a beast.