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Clemson Q&A: Shakin' The Southland

Sometimes, you'll be surprised to know, we play nice with others. Like Shakin' the Southland, SBN's venerable Clemson blog. We even exchanged questions -- and you can head over to Internet Death Valley (surprisingly not that one picture of Chyna's "ladyparts") to read our answers. StS's are below, questions courtesy Lt. Winslow.

1.) The loss of CJ Spiller has to be a topic that you guys are sick of discussing by now. I would imagine that, every week, some jerkoff blogger has some lame question about how the loss of CJ Spiller will affect the team and how they intend to replace what Spiller brought to the table. We would never do that. We are clearly more interested in talking about... [skims internet for something about Clemson football that is more exciting than CJ Spiller]. Please provide a 5,000 word essay on what the loss of CJ Spiller means to you. Please use footnotes and citations for all statistics and quotes.


C. J. Spiller was a fantastic athlete at Clemson University. He was a star for the Tigers and played with a lot of heart and a tremendous amount of talent. Clemson, however, has a nice stable of running backs who are very capable of running the rock. Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper are both extremely talented running backs. Ellington thrives on quickness, great vision, and explosion to and through the line of scrimmage. Harper is a bigger back who has speed. Harper is also a very capable receiver, as shown in his diving touchdown grab at Auburn a few weeks ago.


Clemson really misses Spiller returning kicks. However, Marcus Gilchrist has done an admirable job taking over this roll from Spiller as our return man. Spiller, the NCAA all-time leader in returns for TD’s, obviously cannot be replaced easily but we have been relatively impressed by Gilchrist’s abilities to date. I will say that I was surprised (like everyone else) that Miami kicked to Spiller last year--even if it was by total mistake--but should not have nearly as many fears kicking the football against Clemson this season.

2.) Kat Majester. what's her story. She got a boyfriend? Is it CJ Spiller? It is, isn't it? I f**king knew it! Dammit. I bet he hits that like 6 ways from Sunday. She knows he's cheating on her now that he's in the NFL, right?

3.) Seriously, though. Kat Majester, What's her deal. Does she party? She looks like she parties. Is she one of these "Christian" types? I'm gonna need to know this kind of stuff in order for this interview to proceed any further.

I will answer #2 and #3 as best as I can. I, admittedly, had no clue who Kat Majester was before being asked these questions. With very little research, I quickly learned that she is a former Clemson student who was a cheerleader for four years and took up pole vaulting her senior year. She has since chosen to attend the University of Georgia where she competed in track and field last year. Apparently she has world class pole vaulting skills and her coaches have even tossed around the idea that she could be a pro in this area some day.

My research gave me no insight on this young lady as a person nor a glimpse into whether she hangs out with Spiller or anyone else. I saw no pictures to indicate that she was a partier, yet that does not necessarily mean anything. Looks like you are on your own getting the scoop on Ms Majester.

4.) Clemson is obviously a pretty well rounded school. In terms of athletics, I mean. Not academics, obviously. How proud a moment was it when you guys saw the Clemson women's rowing team's camel toe up on Deadspin for the whole world to see? Is it an exaggeration to say that that's the proudest moment in the history of Clemson athletics? (enrollment of Kat Majester notwithstanding, obviously).


That picture was one of the most ridiculous items I have ever seen. The only thing more laughable than the actual picture is the fact that it was posted on the Clemson University athletic website. Nice job. It would rank up there had the motorized boat not been invented years ago. We do respect the creativity of both all parties involved, particularly the university for plastering that bad boy on the net.

5.) Be honest. When Miami kicked to Spiller at the end of the second Q. last yr, even you guys were like "Holy shit, omfg, there's no f**king way anyone could be that f**king stupid!!!" B/c that's pretty much exactly what we were thinking.

Yep. It shocked me also. Shannon admitted it was a mistake and immediately yanked the kicker from the game then threw him under the bus. There was no reason for you (or anyone else for that matter) to kick to Spiller after he had already proven that he can/will take a kick all the way back for six.

6.) We would like to give this guy a web redemption*. Is there any way you can put us in touch with him.


Again, I have no clue who this fellow is. He has taken quite a bit of run for his reaction to the GT loss last season. I admire his ability to stay calm, though. Such disappointment usually ends up with lots of broken items and a few minor injuries, so props for keeping that portion under control.

*Mercilessly poke fun at him, but in a really gentle and good natured kind of way. so I guess, yeah, a web redemption.