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The Connect: 09/07/10

This week's Connects will be completely free of any mentions of that one game versus Ohio State that happened a few years ago. Instead we will focus on more positive and uplifting news stories. For instance, here is a story written by Manny Navarro about Graig Cooper. It is a positive story about a current player. This is what we will focus on.

Likewise, here is a profile of Leonard Hankerson, written by AP writer Tim Reynolds. Hank is a rather quiet dude who, despite being one of the best players, rarely gets much attention from the press, mostly cuz he's kind of just a solid player who seems to go about his business in a workmanlike way. In this story we learn that he Hank never really gave much thought to leaving UM early. Positive.

On a positive recruiting note, 2012 Norland LB Keith Brown, who is apparently one of the top linebackers of that class, gave his oral commitment to the Canes this past weekend. Also, Rivals released their final recruiting rankings for the 2010 class, and the additions of Latwan Anderson and Seantrel Henderson bumped us up from #24 to #13, which should please people who care about such things.

Positivity. Zen positivity.