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Seantrel Henderson Is Going to Work Out Just Fine


All eyes were on Seantrel Henderson Thursday night, and not entirely just because no one could see around his gigantic, freak show body.

(He's not the largest person I've ever seen, by any means, but that he could be so large at 18 is astounding.)

ESPN put a set of extra eyes or eight on Seantrel's 31 snaps (24 offensive snaps and 7 on the field goal unit), and came up with a play-by-play breakdown of his performance against FAMU.

Granted, it's FAMU, but our boy is essentially a high schooler -- and it sounds like he's going to work out juuuuust fine.

SERIES #1 - 3rd Quarter, 5:07

Play #1 -- It was a pass play and Henderson did a good job in squaring up to the linebacker blitzing off the edge and positioning himself correctly.

Play #2 --Henderson knocked off the defensive end off the line opening up a big hole for Graig Cooper to pick up yards through a large hole on the right side for an 8-yard gain.

Play #3 -- Henderson from his right tackle spot down blocked the defensive tackle knocking him off his feet and staying on top of him preventing him from getting up.

Play #4 -- On the designed run play to the left, Henderson locked up his defensive end and pushed him clear away from the play. Very impressive blocking.

Play #5 -- On the pass play in which QB Highsmith took the shotgun snap, Henderson immediately got out of his stance, took three quick steps back in anticipation of staying with the defensive end, who even fell to his knee due to Henderson’s strength.

Play #6 -- Another pass play to the left side, Henderson blocked his man, and ran towards the play, even pushing a defender on his path, knocking him off-balanced. Good to see him pursuing the play despite it not being on his side.

Play #7 -- On the run up the middle by RB Miller, Henderson locked up his man and pushed him away from the play.

Play #8 -- He didn’t have to do too much on this pass play as he converged to help his other linemen.

Play #9 -- A run to Henderson’s side, he opened up a hole by blocking the defensive lineman and then getting to the next level pushing a linebacker out of the way for a 5-yard gain by RB Miller.

Play #10 -- Henderson was ineffective on the play as he slipped off his man on the run play designed to go his direction from the FAMU 7-yard line resulting in no gain.

Play #11 -- On the 3rd-and-5 play from the FAMU 7, UM called a pass play and Henderson did good in getting out of stance and staying with his man, but had help blocking from RB Miller as the two locked up the defender. There would have been a TD on the play had QB Highsmith made a better decision.

SERIES #2 - 4TH Quarter, 12:04

Play #12 -- Short run play didn’t generate any openings, Henderson included.

Play #13 -- Henderson provided a huge hole on the right side of the line as he drove his man 10 yards up field, stayed on his block, and allowed RB Miller to run behind him for a 13-yard gain.

Play #14 -- Henderson blocked his man effectively to the outside as the run was up the middle.

Play #15 -- Henderson, again, showed excellent footwork in getting into great position against the pass, this time as the backside blocker for the lefty QB Whipple. He kept the pass-rushing defensive end far away from Whipple giving him plenty of time to find an open receiver.

Play #16 -- Unable to view the play due to bad camera angle.

Play #17 -- Henderson pushed his man to the inside on this run play allowing RB Clements to pick up 5 yards up the middle as the hole opened up.

Play #18 -- Henderson blocked his man effectively pushing him off the line of scrimmage as the designed run play went to the left.

Play #19 -- While on the FAMU 4-yard line, Henderson locked up with a blitzing linebacker, who went backwards on the play, which was a run to the left.

Play #20 -- Another run play to the left, Henderson didn’t stay on his man very long.

Play #21 -- Henderson paired up with RG Wheeler for an effective combo block on the right side as Whipple threw an incomplete pass into the end zone settling for a field goal.

SERIES #3 - 4TH Quarter, 2:05

Play #22 -- From the UM 1-yard line, Henderson drove his man off the line of scrimmage for the short run play.

Play #23 -- Similar to the last play, a short run play from the UM 2 didn’t result in anything impressive from Henderson.

Play #24 -- On a pass play, in which QB Highsmith threw from his own end zone, Henderson blocked the defensive end effectively in the end zone pushing him away from the ball with relative ease.