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miami/ ohio state preview

in our unending quest to give you the very best miami hurricanes coverage, we at the seventh floor have spent the past few weeks polling some of the greatest minds in the country to get their opinion on what we should expect on saturday in columbus.

not to brag, but we went the extra mile for you guys on this one. we criss-crossed the country tracking down the absolute best and brightest society has to offer: astronauts, economists, historians, the people from the rand institute, the guys who built that hadron collider thing that's going to tear a hole in the universe, the indian math geeks who develop the formulas for determining which mortgages go into the mezzanine tranch of a synthetic cdo, quantum physicists, neuro-surgeons, literary scholars, and 2 of the 4 surviving cast members of "growing pains", all of whom gave us, more or less, the same answer.









rioty and unemployed-y in the afternoon, with an increased chance of burny in the evening. 38-35, the []__[]