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Be Thankful For What You Have (Or Something): Miami-Alabama NIT Quarterfinal Game Thread

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The particulars:

Who: Miami-Alabama

What: NIT Quarterfinal

Where: Coleman Colosseum, Tuscalossa, AL

When: 9 PM EST on ESPN2

Why: Still trying to figure that one out...

The men's basketball team will be competing tonight for a chance to advance to the NIT Finals in Madison Square Garden, which might hold a slightly greater significance for the team seeing as their two best players— Malcom Grant and Durand Scott— grew up in New York City. A hallmark of Frank Haith's teams over the years has been trouble playing on the road, although this particular team was able to hold their own this year at Duke, and they almost knocked off Memphis in their arena to open the season.

Alabama won the SEC West this year, although that obviously wasn't enough to get them into the big boy tournament. They are led by coach Anthony Grant, once of VCU, a school notorious for churning out star head coaches. So, we'll see.