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The Connect: Frank Martin and the fate of Miami basketball


Today, CBS's Gary Parrish makes the argument that the current search for a new head basketball coach represents a defining moment in the program's history. In his own words:

If the school will finally commit to seriously funding its basketball program, Miami can, in the span of a week, go from losing a coach who never had a winning record in the ACC to landing a coach who has done nothing but win in the Big 12. Yes, Miami can have Kansas State's Frank Martin. All Miami has to do is secure the funds and make the call.

If Parrish's sources are correct— and he's generally a very solid reporter, having most recently nailed the Mike Anderson to Arkansas move that put this whole thing in motion— and Martin will come to Miami for the right price, then the Canes should be able to reel in arguably the biggest coaching fish in the history of the whole school. That is, of course, according to acting Athletic Director Tony Hernandez, who recently stated that money will not be an issue in the coaching search. If one of those things is not true— that Martin will "walk on coals" to coach UM, or that money is not an obstacle— and Martin never materializes, then Parrish is right in that Miami is consigning themselves, either by choice or necessity, to the middle or lower class of the ACC. But that isn't the end all be all, as a good coach can still be found if the coaching search is conducted competently.

Al Golden has fully reinstated linebacker Ramon Buchanan, and word has it that the charges against him will be reduced. Says Golden:

"He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do, both me and the athletic department," Golden said. "Based on my knowledge of the case, and what we know as a university, we feel comfortable reinstating him at this point in time. We’ll reassess as it unveils itself."