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Tate Forcier? Yeah, About That...

Well now we know why it seemed like Al Golden was collecting quarterbacks like Starbucks receipts: the addition of Memphis transfer Ryan Williams is coinciding with the non-arrival of ex-Michigan star Tate Forcier, who was originally slated to be Miami's big incoming transfer of 2011. Forcier is reportedly breaking off his agreement with Miami due to the always vague "personal reasons," which given his reputation, isn't exactly a shock. According to ESPN's Heather Dinich, Forcier hadn't returned to Miami's campus after his initial visit this past February, and the word is that the indication that Forcier would never end up at Miami is what spurned Golden to seek another transfer QB.

This leaves Miami with, at the moment, two scholarship quarterbacks going into the 2012 season, though they already have commitments from QBs Gray Crow and David Thompson and are looking to add one more, especially with the prospect of Thompson eschewing Miami altogether in order to play pro baseball. Williams will now have a considerable leg up in the race to beat out Stephen Morris (whose family must be breathing a small sigh of relief this morning) in 2012.