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Miami's Reggie Johnson will be back in 2012


Miami center Reggie Johnson has, quite predictably, withdrawn his name from the 2011 NBA Draft. Johnson is a skilled center who was arguably (and as has been argued on this site!) one of the top players in all of the ACC last season. That said it's plainly clear that he needs major seasoning before making a leap to the NBA, and this decision was only a matter of time. As has been noted already on Twitter, this is the second minor victory for Jim Larranaga this offseason, with the first being securing the re-commitment of Bishop Daniels, the erstwhile SG out of Georgia.

This leaves the Canes basketball team with an intact core that could make a serious run at heights yet seen by this program since it joined the ACC. As it pertains to Johnson specifically, Frank Haith and his staff should be commended considerably for bringing Johnson from a small time recruit to where he is now, and if the new regime can push him even further then Miami just might be a force next year.