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A Few Notes on Sunday's Scrimmage

 (via CanesAllAccess)

Here are stats and highlights from the scrimmage, from Hurricane Sports.

Here are some quotes from Al Golden, as well as some other highlights, from Manny.

Here are some interesting bits that I heard about today's scrimmage.

  • The lone interception of the scrimmage was thrown early in the day by Stephen Morris. Though both quarterbacks (as well as Ryan Williams) looked good overall, I was told that Jacory Harris looked far better on Sunday, and I'd be shocked if he was not named the starting quarterback.
  • Jimmy Gaines has star potential. He had five tackles, a sack, and the aforementioned interception, and I was told that he was flying all over the field on Sunday. My read on the situation is that he's all but entrenched at the middle linebacker position.
  • Freshmen linebackers Eddie Johnson, Gionni Paul and Denzel Perrymen all saw some time, and all looked pretty good. Paul had six tackles (one for a loss), and was said to be the most impressive of the three. I was told that Jordan Futch was working with the third string.
  • Expect to see more zone defense from this year's Miami teams than you would typically expect to see from the Canes. Whether this is philosophical or merely a reaction to weak depth at cornerback is up for discussion.
  • Both Andrew Smith and Marcus Robinson were being used as stand-up rushers in third down passing situations.
  • This will become a common theme: expect a lot, maybe even a sickening amount, of short passes to the tight ends and h-backs. This is likely to be a careful, and conservative offense.
  • Jermaine Johnson was working with the first team at left tackle, which possibly sheds some light on what the offensive line situation looks like at the moment.