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Kansas State Game Thread: Meet the Browns

Getty Images

Who: Miami Hurricanes vs Kansas State Wildcats
When: 4 pm EST / ESPNU

Where: Sun Life Stadium
Why: Good question!

It's going to be a wet one today. It could get sloppy, and probably will be ugly. But, the Canes are heavy favorites and should win with relative ease for the first time this season. For those that missed my quick rundown of the Wildcats, here you go. It'll be interesting to see what the crowd is like today— aside from the bad weather, Miami usually doesn't draw huge numbers during day games, but maybe Golden fever has swept the city. At the very worst, nobody wants to go see the Dolphins! After the jump, some links.

Here is the KSU roster.

Here is a preview of the game from Bring on the Cats, SBN's Kansas State blog.

Here is a link to Manny Navarro's liveblog of the game.