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Jacory Harris Named Starter for Ohio State Game

*Law & Order sound effect*

Well, that was quick. Despite a pretty impressive performance against Maryland by Stephen Morris, Al Golden has has named senior Jacory Harris as the starter for Miami's game a week from Saturday against Ohio State. It seemed all but preordained that Harris would be the team's starting quarterback before he was suspended, but that seemed to be potentially in doubt after Miami's opening game. For Morris partisans (which I assume is pretty much everybody at this point), remember two things.

First, Morris looked much improved from a decision making standpoint on Monday night, and it's quite possible that the same changes have happened with Jacory (just play along with me here). Secondly, the key wording in the announcement, as far as I understand it, is that Harris has been named the starter against the Buckeyes and not for the rest of the season. If he plays well a week from Saturday then he obviously would be in line to keep the job, but if his performance leans toward the Jacory of old, we may just see Morris under center in Miami's third game.